CodeGuard Backup

Website problems suck. Fix them easily with CodeGuard Backup.

The silver bullet to solve almost any website problem. Wave your magic wand and undo any website hack, crash, malware infection, bad update, or goof-up. Install CodeGuard Backup now so you’re ready for the inevitable.

Connect – Get Setup In 5 Minutes
Setting up and configuring CodeGuard is extremely straightforward – so much so that even non-technical website owners can do it. Users have a choice between a WordPress plugin or FTP/SFTP. With WordPress it’s as easy as installing the plugin and pasting a unique one-time key into the license field. From there, Code Guard will do the rest. With FTP/SFTP, it’s as simple as entering some login credentials and an IP address. (We strongly recommend using SFTP for security reasons.)

Backup – 100% Automatic
Once you've entered the information for your website and its databases, CodeGuard goes to work backing them up. By default all backups last 90 days, though the frequency and length of storage can easily be adjusted to match your preference. Best of all, CodeGuard saves your storage space by only saving differential backups – versions with changes – so you never have to worry about wasting space on duplicates.

Monitor – Track Changes & Remove Malware
Anytime anything changes on your website, CodeGuard will know – and it will notify you, too. Whether it's keeping track of changes made between backups or scanning for malware and malicious code – CodeGuard provides you with the visibility and the tools to remediate the issue.

Restore –1 Click Website Fixes
After everything has been backed up, restoring your website is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Simply select the backup you'd like and hit the “Restore” button. Within seconds your website will have reverted back its previous iteration. Users have the option to:

Restore all files
Restore specific files
Download a zip file of a backup

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