Vertiv Silver Solutions Provider

Vertiv IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Integrated Solutions
    Rapidly deploy and manage IT infrastructure in just weeks without building new data center space. Our Smart Solutions products help you meet your IT needs with significant savings. With simplified, standardized designs, you can start small and expand over time.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    We take a holistic approach to power efficiency and availability across the power spectrum. Using our solutions, companies can overcome challenges to developing, deploying and managing power regardless of industry.
  • Thermal Management
    Intelligent, comprehensive approach to managing and controlling heat across your mission-critical facilities
  • Monitoring, Control and Management
    Our solutions provide comprehensive functionality, scalability and security across the facility. By expanding data access and analysis, we provide unprecedented insight which lowers costs and enables rich remote management while ensuring security.
  • Power Distribution Units
    Your power distribution system impacts both availability and scalability. Our room, row and rack power distribution units give you the flexibility to adapt to changing environments. They also support monitoring to ensure availability and provide insight into energy use.

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